Mysticism and heroin

[You can read this article even if you are not a Malayali. Just make sure that you listen to the song.]

Listen to this song before reading the article.

Now play it again while you are reading this article.

Sometimes the words fail me. The pride of a writer is in his ability to reflect his thoughts, the art of accurately portraying the stuff that is going on inside his mind.

If it’s not from the mind, he starts by observing the subtleties of the world around him and tries to make sense of it. Much like the scientists, he tries to fit in a model that best suits his understanding. Then by virtue of his language, he sculptures his version of the reality - one word at a time.

The words as such is not supposed to mean anything, but when they work in conjunction, they form a combined force that could make things change. That creative expression can do anything from putting that smile on your face to making mighty empires fall. Such is the power of writing that is done a word at a time.

It can be mystic or realistic. If you can’t make sense, you could confuse the reader and tell him that gravitational constant is ten times the experimental value and they will believe. But you have to pay the price in the form of the ground work that you do.

The writer might have to spend the quintessence of his life observing nature and creating his own thought structures. Then he polish his language such that he knows the right words and knows when and where to use them.

All this ground work makes him so flawless and perfect that the mortals like us believe that he was born with it. We call him the genius, belittling the hardwork that went behind him.

The music is not a different realm altogether. A lot of hard work goes into the making of a beautiful piece of music. But it looks so flawless that we think that the creator is born with it. The only person who was born that way is lady gaga, or so she claims.

There is a point in life to which rationality could take you. You will stand at the vantage point for a while taking the glimpse of the reality that you have left behind and the realms that is sprawling in front you for you to explore.

Science is not the ultimate answer to the universe, but it is the best we have with us right now. Leaving it at a point and taking an alternate stand of understanding is like leaving reality with an ounce of heroin.

It looks insipid to the people outside, but the one on the saddle definitely sees the purpose. He knows what heroin is going to do to him. Even if he doesn’t know everything, he knows that it makes him happy. So is it for the mystic - mysticism fills a void nothing else or no one else can fill.

It purges the worst of the feelings and becomes the medicine that the mind yearns for. One can call it psychosis or schizophrenia or whatever. It makes you happy. It’s just that no chemicals were harmed in the process.

You can’t get rid of the ISIS or the Israel or the Taliban But you could always get that heroin shot that makes you forget the shit that is happening live around you. Sure, it is not the solution, but it is indeed an alternate way of looking at things.

Just like there are N number of ways in front of you to do a certain thing, there are N number of ways to create something.

Now why is it has to be that the woman in the song is from palestine and she has to talk to the cloud? Why is she not an Indian man talking to an idol in the banks of river ganges? Is there a purpose?

Is there a purpose for your lives?

Mysticism, religion or heroin doesn’t matter at all as long as you are doing it for yourself and is not going around spraying it at someone else’s eye. You screw up with your body, not with mine.

The world is real, but what you experience is a filtered version of the reality. Just like the filters in our image editor, either you make good quality filters or you buy one from those who sell them.

Work on these filters and settle on the ones that make you happy. Don’t care about the world, but be careful that you are you don’t hurt us. Let’s not get entangled. Let me have a sip of this world while you are having yours. The world is much more beautiful if we could avoid the wrong people.

This world is so big and small that we can do it without locking our horns.

Atheism is the most natural form of a religion, but I do appreciate that you have a much more ornate and figurative way of looking at the world.

Which is simply awesome, as long as I could keep my fore arm and still make fun of you. You can have your shot of heroin while I drink my cup of coffee, and that is how the world I wants to live in looks like.

“Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bavanthu”

Written on May 17, 2015