The Joy of writing!

I just finished setting up my first ghost blog. Thanks to a lot of wonderful people on Internet, I was able to get my blog running on the Openshift Red hat server with a beautiful responsive theme.

Currently I am not in a mood to write, but I cannot resist myself from thanking the numerous awesome people, without whose help, I wouldn’t have had this blog up and running.

People who deserve a special appreciation are the core developers of Ghost. Their zeal has definitely created a great product that will take humanity to great heights. So is the numerous open source enthusiasts who came up with an array of beautiful responsive themes.

Today, I pledge to create an open source responsive theme for Ghost so that I could pay back what I owe to this people today.

Also, I have decided to give free walkthroughs to anyone who is interested in setting up a Ghost blog hosted on custom domain.

Together, let’s make the web a great place to live in. Because as a matter of fact, we spend more time on web than we spend with our families… ;)

Written on October 4, 2014