Going back to the womb!

Oh I miss the good ‘ol web!

The time when there we no social networks!

No HTML5, javascript, PHP, or any such life saving technologies.

No great browsers. No rich plugins. No publishing platforms. No API’s. Nothing!

Only hours of staring into computer screen, playing with the most obscure computer networks, systems and occassional (read frequent) screw ups.

No publishing platforms, No CMS’s, No editors, Nothing!

It’s a great fortune we all are inherited, which we spend recklessly, but never bother to respect. Or pay homage to the countless human hours and tons of effort went into making this decentralized, community supported medium of free speech of ours!

I should confess, this post is inspired by a brilliant article by Paul Ford on Medium.

This is just a pledge, that I would keep a copy of my blog, written in raw html and coded from bottom up. No Ghost, No CMS, or no other great technology, on whose shoulders I stand while publishing my content online.

This may not be a great thing, but I think this is something I could do.

A small homage I could pay to the hard times hundreds of early fathers of the Internet would have gone through.

May be a waste of time, but I don’t care. My time is meant to be spent for the stuff I like, and this is what I like right now.

Let me sit back and get lost in the thoughts of how this medium have evolved. May be that would help me with some ideas for what more to come; Who knows?

Written on October 19, 2014