When psychedelia plucks the chord.

I think that the main reason behind psychedelic music and art touching our hearts is our own inability to understand our minds.

We spend endless hours trying to achieve something in life, but the time spent to know about ourselves is almost nil.

Unsurprisingly, most of us lose the control over our lives.

In the ideal world, we all are in control and decides what to do with our life. But when this world is drugged and our vision blurred, we end up being controlled by someone else.

When we cannot explain ourselves objectively, we turn ourselves to drugs. Some swallow it, some inhale it, inject it or go to temples.

You end up spending money and effort in things that ruin your body.

Mind is nothing but a particular configuration of complex chemicals that constitute your body. You alter it and you are gone.

Each drug changes you, each word polishes you and each emotion gets inscribed in you.

This words are now deeply inscribed in your mind and you cannot get rid of them.

You are twisting and turning and shaking your body to get the words out. But you can’t. Partly because the words now clench their feet to your atlas. Partly because you don’t want to get rid of them.

You can feel the pain at the place where your hair meets neck, but cannot get rid of my words.

All this because you haven’t spend time to know yourselves.

You haven’t reflected about how beautiful you are. On why some people love you for no reason. Why some people cannot think of a life without you.

Why the earth will be touched upon by the tears of your bereaved when the microbes are busy feasting upon you?

You are loved because you are worth it. 

You are an endless puzzle that can be never solved. You cannot be deciphered and formulated. But that doesn’t mean that you are worth nothing.

The point is never stated and will never be. You will have to shrink in size and dive deep in to the point that ends this article to discover it. 

There was an half eaten human liver in Fibber Mcgee’s closet when she was caught.

Written on November 21, 2014