My different nation.

Patriotism is just like a threadless kite. You set it free and you never know where it goes. Nationalism is woven around a very thin moral fabric, which no one knows how to handle.

Unless and until you cannot connect your ideals with that of the greater Humanity, you should assume that your view of the world is skewed, and retrospect it until you could work it out.

If ever, you come across the thought that Mahatma died in vain, listen to this speech. You would realize that he died of the same disease he was trying to cure. But he was no panacea, and the wounds are starting to fester again.

Indeed Godse was a patriot, and an honourable man. The only thing I know about the country he loved was that it was not founded in humanity, benevolence and universal acceptance and it’s not mine.

I am speaking from an entirely different nation, and I hope it remains the same.

Written on December 12, 2014