Interesting times are coming!

#####About the government ad that omitted the words “Secular” and “Socialist” from the preamble of India.

My foot!

“Insidious”, I rumble, an unforgivable sacrilege.

Oh my lads, can’t you judge the coming tempest from the direction of the winds?

The constitution shall be amended and all of you sent to the deepest of the hells. Nothing secular or socialistic anymore. Pack up and go, or get ready to rot.

Interesting times are coming. We, who don’t believe in diversity are at the helm of power.

Indians were mislead in believing that all humans are equal. They are not, can’t you see the difference? The colour, hair, smell? How could we be the same?

Getting liberal and respecting other people? Hell NO! We need to stay in power, so you fight and keep fighting.

Religion is the de facto reason over which you may fight.

Don’t you remember the stuff we indoctrinated? That men can never be equal? That you shall not love your neighbour? That you shall not consider the person of other faith to be the same as yourself?

That you should drink the blood from brothers, mix it in your gut and spat in back on the face of thy mother, thy nation?

Written on January 27, 2015