Let's not kill the Internet that made us.

Cry people cry!

Reading this document left me in tears.


For Internet becoming so huge and getting proliferated with apps and websites that make our lives easier.

Cry for the poor souls who bought our airwaves, did business with our resources, siphoned off huge profits from us and now wants to control the apps and websites that make this world a better place to live in.

How many of you know that the Bell Industries shelved the future for five years to protect their vested interests? [1]

How many of you realized that the internet.org is nothing but BS put up to favor a few operators over others?

This is how big corporations work. If you cannot innovate, you eat them.

Breaking net neutrality has vast implications in our personal lives and the way this world will progress in the years to come.

PS: Another valid option is that we sacrifice our freedom for the cause of Bharath Matha, who is now well fed and well maintained by her better off sons/daughters.

I owe my life to the Internet for teaching me the skills that I would haven’t learned else where.

Internet is one thing that makes our generation stand out from every other generations that has walked over this planet.

Let’s not kill the Internet that made us.

[1] http://io9.com/5691604/how-ma-bell-shelved-the-future-for-60-years

Written on April 12, 2015