The depth that life can get into is much more than our normal minds can render.

But is doesn’t matter, whenever in trouble, we find ourselves looking at the past. We believe that the solution lies there.

May be its a byproduct of evolution, giving us an insight that we should learn from the past. Not to rely on the potential of our overrated minds.

Our minds can create excellent ideas. Most of them will be at least partly inspired from the past.

Past is the mother of creativity.

I always wonder from where does these ideas come from.

Sometimes, you desperately long for them. You know that they are round the corner, simply refusing to surface.

Sometimes, they just happen to you even when you are least bothered. You think about that terrific hack on IRCTC just after the booking window have closed.

Ideas doesn’t seem to respect the fact that they exist so that our lives could be better.

They just make our lives better.

We are not supposed to know from where they come from. Just consume them and make the most of them.

Love them, care them, protect them.

Consume them.

We are manipulted by ideas. The civilization that we know is the product of ideas.

Everything that we know was an idea once.

The lush life we have is the byproduct of flourishing ideas.

No other species is better than us because we were the ones chosen by the ideas.

The idea is that we are the idea.

Written on August 11, 2015