When I met the ghost again!

I recently updated to Ghost 0.6.4 on Openshift. I am currently on the honeymoon period and enjoying the product well. A big thanks to Kiko Beats for providing an amazing theme on which I could build on.

The version I was using was old and lacked almost all the good features that the new Ghost has to offer. Now, writing from the new Ghost dashboard, I can see Ghost evolving into a full-fledged blogging platform.

It’s a pleasure to write on the uncluttered writing pane. The colour schemes have been improved and I feel home once again using the Ghost.

The experience is markedly different from my painful experience of running a Wordpress blog.

I am looking forward to writing more from this world I am in constant touch with my Ghost.

And I am once again throwing my promise of giving a free walkthrough for anyone interested in creating a Ghost blog on a custom domain.

Looking forward to write and help people write!

Written on October 1, 2015