The Tinder Ghost.

Tinder is cruel.
But so is life. Each one of us trying to paint it in the most beautiful of colors. To dab it with the most exquisite filters one can imagine.
To extricate our lives of the material indulgences and to trim it into more presentable ‘cards’.
Only to be swiped off by some unassuming individual who will never grasp the length and breadth of the phenomenon that you are.
Even if someone decides to stay, how many of them know what you truly are?
Life is serendipity to some, contrived connivance to some and an impulsive mash up to some.
I really can’t estimate the depth of the cup I am drinking from. But I do know that the taste depends on the way I perceive it. So I keep on drinking.

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Written on October 15, 2015