Happy New Year!

Okay, let’s think it this way.

There is a universe inside each one of us. Complex thoughts and experiences. Unknown tastes and untasted spirits. Each human being has a mind which is a universe in itself.

When you converse with them, you get to travel to that faraway universe. Even if both of you share similar space in this planet, the way you both perceive the experiences are going to a lot different. The same wine tastes different and the same experience hasn’t fermented as much as it has been for you.

Now think about the beautiful voyages you miss out because you wouldn’t talk or talk enough with the people around you. It’s true that people can be a pain in the arse at times, but still with 7 billion people gracing this planet, you are always going to meet someone interesting. You travel to people and places. You read and review about places but people just happen and almost all the reports about people are wrong. You have to embark upon a journey by yourselves if you are travelling to someone.

Make 2016 a year with a lot of voyages to people and do away with judging someone. A lot of people are going to get inside other people anyway, so let’s do it like grown ups - for a reason. There is a reason why we all have great hardware to communicate with the world.

Happy New Year!

Written on January 3, 2016