She is Euthymia.

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She is Euphrosyne, the greek Goddess of mirth. She has had an exposure with the modern medicine that prohibits her from being effervescent.

At this time of the world, she is born to an Indian low caste family of gardeners. She is endowed with the colour of Lord Krishna, and she does the noblest of professions to cultivate plants to make the world merrier.

Her masters are never hesitant to consume a tea with the Tulsi plant that she has planted and watered, but they would never tolerate her coming inside the home. This makes her depressed.

She wishes if her life was valued more than the Tulsi plant that is born sacred for no reason. This throws her to a downward spiral of dysthymia where she is lead to believe that she is worth nothing.

At last she finds a cure to her chronic depression - she plants a Tulsi plant along with the best herbs from the garden on her head and waits for the gods to find her. Hope is that gods will make the world better for the her people.

Here she is.

Written on February 2, 2016