A quick story before I go to bed.

There is no objective truth. All the truths we have are functions of the frame of reference from where we are looking at them.

To err is humane. To fall is humane. But what happens next depends entirely on the person who fell. You could get up and start fighting, learn from your mistake or go play billiards.

A lot of human effort is lost in the pursuit for objective truth. I know a guy who used to win every debates he attended. The kind you could label as the ultimate Devil’s advocate.

Two drinks down, I once asked him if there is anything that he believed in. He raised his index finger, pointed at a glass and slowly pushed it down the table edge. It hit the floor and shattered.

“You see, the glass was here last moment, it’s no more now. All it had was this one moment which it spend being pushed down the cliff by his killer - my index finger.”

But that doesn’t mean anything, I replied.

“The truth is this moment, Jackass!. That’s all we posses. Everything else can be contrived to mean anything that you want. I can prove that god exist for one moment and disprove Her existence the next second. We all change with time. You are one system to which you have super user access. You could push him to climb Everest or become prime minister of India or make him hang from a ceiling fan. It’s all about your choice.”

I felt stupid, I asked him to explain.

He lit up a cigarette, looked at my eyes and said -

“Finish that glass and go to sleep. That’s the purpose of your existence now. Brush your teeth when you get up tomorrow. Don’t smile when you are happy, reserve it for your sadness. Let your body breathe, stay alive, happy.”

“Are you asking me to live to the moment?”

Go fuck yourselves he said. I quietly left for bedroom. The slowly turning ceiling fan then taught me a lesson.

Make it go faster when you want it to go faster. You are going to die anyway. All you have is that pint of time you could trap inside your palm. Never let it go. Keep Smiling.

Good Morning.

Written on February 5, 2016