Kenyon Commencement speech by David Foster Wallace , 2005.

David is talking about the banalities in our lives that all of us will have to deal with in the later part of our lives.

Irrespective of the successes we have had in our personal lives and much after landing in our dreams jobs and winning our dream spouses, we all are thrown to that inconspicuous spot where we fail to ‘stand up’ for ourselves.

Each one of us, in our challenging white collar jobs and the ‘service’ to the society vibe, gets absorbed by our story of the world, where the centre stage is invariably occupied by the guy/gal whom we know the most - Mr. ME!

The ability to think the right way is much more important than what is it that you think about. The reason is simple, the person that we all end up becoming is a sum of all the small inferences we have made out of every other conflict we have found ourselves in.

It takes tremendous energy and determination to keep ‘attending’ to ourselves and prevent ourselves from falling into moribund robotic beings of existence. And that coupled with the knowledge on how to think helps us in developing compassion towards other people and that makes our lives worthy of living.

Listen to David Foster Wallace reminding us that “this is water!”, much like “this is life!” and “this is what it feels like to be human!”. As simple as that!

For the kids in us who dreamt of changing the world in our own ways while bantering with that bunch in our college or school campuses, I present this one by David Foster Wallace.

This might probably be one of the best 23 minutes you have invested in yourself. Plug in the earphone, close you eyes and listen to David’s wisdom talking,

Listen up:

Written on June 26, 2016