Shit software engineers do.

A lot of macOS is opensource, Apple periodically releases part of its killer OS so that the general public (or a subset of it who happen to understand code) can go through it.

Now, a guy ran a grep (a program to search across a [text] file for specific things) to filter the comments in the macOS WinNT Kernel.

He has shared it here.

Following are a few hilarious bits I found in it:

../tdi/tcpip/tcp/tcpsend.c:// STUPID FUCKING COMPILER generates incorrect code for this.

../fastfat/allocsup.c:// God knows what state we left the disk allocation in.

../dd/histgram/cmd/perfhist/perfhist.c:// the heck? we are gods anyways!

../nthals/halntp/mips/xxinitnt.c:// to the HAL by the NT god. Hail Caesar!

../w32/ntgdi/client/dcquery.c:// if cjotma == 0, this is HONEST to God unicode font, can not convert

../w32/ntgdi/fondrv/tt/ttfd/fontfile.h:// honest to God msft unicode font

../w32/ntgdi/fondrv/tt/ttfd/tt.h:// uint16 reservedPad; // only God knows why

../se/ctlpcqos.c:// Appease the compiler Gods.

../cntfs/create.c:// Here is the "M A R K [REDACTED]" hack from hell.

../afd/disconn.c:// Hack-O-Rama. TDI has a fundamental flaw in that it is often impossible

../afd/disconn.c:// Yet another hack to keep it from crashing

../fastfat/read.c:// Deal with stupid people who open the volume DASD with

../afd/recvdg.c:// Bomb off if the user is trying to do something stupid, like

If that is what they do at Apple, how could we blame the mere mortals?

Written on November 24, 2016