One more Crusade Sir? No, Thanks!

I recently came across this collection of songs. No doubt, a fine one at it, but the twist is that you should read the comments!

Crusades were economic endeavours taken up by Muslim and Christian rulers to attain control of the land silk route which spanned from the East Asia towards Europe crossing Central Asia.

Th worst casualties were Europeans, who lost Constantinople to Ottoman Turks who occupied it in 1453. And then they went about increasing the duty on essential spices (and other exports) that were required to sustain a comfortable life in the Europe.

Technically, the war was for Jerusalem, but the true victory was for Turks/Moslems who got to control central Asia and hence starved Europe of necessary commodities that forced them to innovate, make a Renaissance and find a maritime route to the “Golden Lands”. Vasco da Gama eventually made it.

My point being, religion was always a bloody constitution put in place by intelligent people to control masses and get them ready to die for a cause. So when I see idiots clamouring for another crusade or for the destruction of a particular religion, I feel nothing but pity towards them.

What Islam is doing now, worse was done by the Christians some 500 to 1000 years ago. Islam might sort itself out in the next 100 years or so. Some Hindus in India wants to take up that position till 2500 may be.

We all are going to die, but blessed are the ones who realise that we are always being manipulated so that some among us who wants to have a greater control over the natural resources that otherwise belong to the whole of Humanity.

Muslims will tell you that many of their songs resemble the soul of this song. They way they call their God. I bet, a lot many of you will be moved by the syllables. The power these hymns have to stir emotions inside you.

Words wouldn’t matter much. Remember stretches of music in Bahubali touching some parts of you?

Humanity has its own devices to touch you, Religion is only one among them. But probably the strongest. It is something that can make you die for it.

And that causes immense mental pain and agony to the author. Though he is ready to accept the world as it is, he will indeed appreciate a change. A change for the better.

But what is an human being in front of lakhs of years of evolution and thousands of years of organised killing?

But let’s have faith. Faith belong to Humanity though a huge portion of it is appropriated by the Religions.

One thing we could do is to just keep loving. Probably that will help.

For a change, you might listen to this well. How it is all the same, even if the tempo changes!

Written on June 22, 2017