Community transmission in Kerala.

Community transmission is not a dirty word. In epidemiology, it is an eventuality that is to be expected.

According to my understanding, community transmission has already started in Kerala and the time has come to treat every person as a potential source of infection.

This is not a bad thing either, just that every doctor should deal every patient with care. And everyone should not down their guards when they go out.

Please remember that it is not the failure of any government if it cannot prevent community transmission. No epidemic can go away without it. So the focus should be in continued adherence to “Break the Chain” etc.

Time has come to institute a decentralised and tiered health care access paradigm. Here, the non serious patients may be given confidence to stay home with provision for immediate help available.

There should be scientific management and optimisation of healthcare facilities - beds and ventilators - which should have been prepared in the lockdown period. I am not updated to the progress in this domain, but such a mechanism is moot.

There is no pivot here, we are slowly gliding into this strategy. I hope we do well in this domain too.

Written on June 4, 2020